Live the experience of a Boutique Apartment

More than an apartment, better than a hotel. The first and only Boutique Apartments in Brescia.

The luxury and comfort of a hotel combined with the freedom of a flat all to yourself in the centre of Brescia. AH VILLAGLORI is waiting to give you a unique holiday experience.Short or long you decide.


Live the experience you’ve always wanted with all the comforts and in total freedom.

With AHVillaglori your home in Brescia awaits you. Anytime you want.

Italian Capitals of Culture

Bergamo and Brescia.
Discover the city you don't expect.

The nomination of Bergamo and Brescia as Italian Capitals of Culture 2023, which took place in July 2020, was born from the choice of the Italian Government to respond positively to a proposal made by the two cities.
For the first time, since the title Italian Capital of Culture was established, two cities, found united in the desire to «Grow Together», give life to a single Capital. A unique city that is not limited to the simple algebraic sum of the two cultural productions, but launches an image of a “possible and future” urban space that can unify its extraordinary manufacturing capacity, the traditional ability and discipline of work, the entrepreneurial vocation, but also networks of solidarity and cultural heritage of unique importance on an international scale.

Housing solutions

Choose your home among our housing solutions

Double room? Two-room apartment? Three-room apartment? More? With us you can choose the solution that best suits needs of space and independence, with the versatility of a single formula and all the advantages of a boutique apartment. 8 two-room apartments, 3 multi-living rooms and 6 double bedrooms where no detail is left to chance, from design of spaces to furnishings, from materials to technological equipment. Exclusive, intimate environments designed to offer you maximum comfort and always make you feel at home


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Live Brescia and its thousand beauties

Brescia is culture, art, events, entertainment, but also nature, with its lakes, its mountains and the splendid food and wine itineraries among the vineyards and cellars of Franciacorta.
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